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Lost and Found (2005)

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In Lost and Found, six young filmmakers from this region present their personal views on the subject of “generation” and the many changes that sometimes separate them radically from the generation of their parents. There are moving tributes to traditional values in a world of rapid technological change (Bulgaria) and to the pragmatic, can-do spirit of the elder generation (Serbia-Montenegro). – Short Film Shop

The image above is from Nadejda Koseva’s Das Ritual, about a couple who gets married in Niagara Falls as their Bulgarian family celebrates without them in the traditional way of their country. Through many small moments in the film, we see the generation gap between the parents and the marrying couple. The mother asks if the bride is wearing earring she sent; her sons assures her she is even as we see the bride wearing much smaller, more modern earrings of her own. The film lingers over the preparations for the Bulgarian celebration, the loud family gathering squished around a communal table, even as we see the couple quietly preparing to celebrate their private joy. After they are wed, they call their family to share the good news, and we see the generational divide best expressed as neither party can “hear” each other over the phone – despite celebrating the same event, the young couple and the older parents cannot reall “connect.” It is a blending of sadness and joy.

There’s a short bit on Nadejda Koseva’s work here.


Written by Alisa Hathaway

April 15, 2011 at 1:04 pm

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